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Photography really comes alive when an image is printed.  Have you ever wondered why a professional photographer's photo looks so good when they are on display in an art gallery?  Well I can assure you they did not send it out to the local drug store to get that result!

Martino Mingione Photography long ago broke from the tradition of trying to force you to buy prints.  Instead, you receive all the high-resolution digital images and are free to order from anyone you wish.  But there are advantages that I bring to you that other labs do not.

  • Much higher quality paper stock,
  • A richer color palette sent to the printer because there is no conversion to JPEG format,
  • Adjustments that translates a good screen image to one that looks fabulous on paper.  
  • Every print is reviewed and redone if necessary.

The result is that you get professional grade work at a reasonable price. So far I have a 100% customer satisfaction!

This is what I have in stock right now:

  • The 20x16 art print is my best and most desired product.  That is because it is a 14x11 polar pearl metallic image mounted in a 20x16 white matte.  The result is a product that is ready for a frame and hangs on the wall.  Normally the price is $60.
  • A 20x16 super gloss print sells for $16.00
  • A 14x11 metallic print sells for $12.00
  • A 14x11 super gloss print sells for $9.50
  • A 8x10 metallic print sells for $5.25
  • A 6x4 metallic print sells for $1.25
  • A 6x4 super gloss print sells for $0.95
  • A set of 5 gloss 5x7 high-end Hallmark-type cards with envelopes and plastic box sells for $19.00.  This is a superb way to send out very special cards that will rival anything you can find at Hallmark.  And you can have a special message printed inside if you like.
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