Cloudy Skies over the Bay Bridge

Published in Art Print

The San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge is a complex of bridges spanning the San Francisco Bay.  It opened in 1936 six months before the Golden Gate bridge did.  And ever since it always lost out in appeal to its more iconic companion -- the Golden Gate bridge.  But the Bay Bridge is the city's workhorse.  It supposedly carries 240,000 cars each day.

I must profess that the Bay Bridge has always held a certain fascination for me.  The fist time that I sat in my car somewhere near the anchorage in San Francisco and gazed at the marvel of engineering, I was hooked.  Also, for some reason I love driving through the brief tunnel on Treasure Island , the half-way point of the bridge.

The photograph attached to this article was taken on a stormy January morning.  I was near Firefox' headquarters (or Gap's headquarters) while the morning commute was just beginning to kick in.  Once again I found myself staring at the Bay Bridge.  So I captured what I saw with this image.

But I soon discovered that I was not the only person who has a warm spot for the Bay Bridge.  A recently married couple saw this photograph at my desk while I was working on it.  (I had also photographed their wedding up in the Healdsburg area).  They immediately commented about this photo saying that when they were engaged, one or the other always had to travel across the bridge daily so that they could be together.  She later ordered a float mount framed canvas version for his office.  It turned out beautifully.  I've also gone one to create a few prints on Polar Pearl paper which brings out a great metallic sheen to the bridge's structure.

If you are interested in receiving a high-quality copy of this image, contact me.  Naturally, the watermark will not be in your ordered image.


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