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I really like being a wedding photographer. And you might be thinking, "yeah, what else are you going to say." But I really do!  I have fun interacting with people on this pivotal day in their lives and weddings do not stress me out.  My goal always is to find that image that takes people's breath away; the one that you will want to show others for the rest of your life.

Hopefully you like the photos being displayed above.  But it is really difficult to pick a handful of shots out of the hundreds of thousands of images on my computer and convince you that I am the right photographer for you.  So, I would like to know a little bit of information about the wedding you are planning.  And to give you an incentive to share that very brief amount of information, I will give you a FREE tip sheet that some brides have reported helped save time, money, and stress.  You are under NO obligation to select me as your photographer and I will never give your email to any marketer.  It's just any easy way for me to give you a little gift. 

As you look over my work, you will find a mix of candid and posed shots, a mix of traditional shots and modern freshness.  That said, I try to capture as many candid shots throughout the day that are also interesting to look at.  Then, only if it interests the couple, we will take a small amount of time to setup some more artistic and romantic expression.  While each image stylistically requires its own approach, my overall style tends toward a sharper subject focus, vivid colors, and emotion. When doing black & whites (which I love), the composition is often bolder.

Usually a day or two after your wedding you will receive a mobile app of about 15-20 photos.  These are immediately available to you for viewing, sharing, and posting online. I do this for two reasons.  First, you can enjoy some images from your special day immediately.  Second, you can have some of the professional images at the same time that your family and friends are posting shots from their iPhones.  Later all the images will be delivered to you via digital download.  If you ordered an album or physical art prints, those will come shortly after that.

Each of the packages aims to completely address the most common requests from clients with no price surprises.  But if you have a different set of needs, let's discuss it and I will put together a custom quote for you.  If your weddings is not on a Saturday or is off-season, I often offer discounts to the price.

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