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The 2018 California Mid-State Fair

There are many counties in California, and each features a fair sometime throughout the year. My favorite one is the Mid-State Fair in Paso Robles. This fair is much larger than most, and it has many features, food booths, rides, and exhibits. The rodeo is my go-to event.

As any county fair must do, there are the official competitions complete with various livestock, vegetables, and knittings. There is also a photography competition split out by professions, advanced ametures, children, etc. and along subject matter lines. So there are quite a few categories that one could enter.

Last summer I chose to enter a few of the professional categories. All told, I submitted nine photographs, and eight of them took home the ribbon! Those are the ones in the slideshow above.

Can't wait for the 2019 competition, now. If any of my readers would like to collaborate and take part in creating something fun and unique, I'm game. Just contact me, and we can arrange something.

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